About Us

Connecticut Controls Corp. began in 1994 with our main office in Centerbrook, Connecticut before branching outward to Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. We provide a full range of professional services such as engineering, sales, installation, service, graphical user interfaces, and integration for all types of building controls and automation systems. Our expertise in controls leads the way in technology advances in energy conservation and building efficiency.


Since 1994, Connecticut Controls offers specialized solutions to critical control applications in commercial and industrial facilities. We utilize the latest technologies and techniques all while maintaining industry safety practices.


Customers expect us to get the job done on time and on budget, so that is what we do. We provide the highest level of customer care and offer on-call 24/7 services to address our customer needs.


We quickly analyze a situation, develop a customized course of action, and assemble a task force to get the job done as expeditiously and cost effectively as possible.

Achievements and Memberships

We strive for excellence in both our professional associations and relationships with our customers. As a result we have cultivated strong partnerships with industry leaders:

  • Awards:
    • ABB Building Solutions Top Dog Award
    • Achieved Position in the Top 15% of all ACI Contractors
  • Memberships:
    • American Society of Heating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)
    • Green Building Council
    • Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE)
  • Partnerships with Customer Benefits:
    • Long Term Honeywell ACI Preferred Provider
    • ABB Northeast Distributor


Where are your service areas?
While we originally started in Connecticut, we serve customers in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and even some in New York. We are always open to expanding our service areas, so contact us if you have any questions or business opprortunities.

What if we have never worked with a Controls, HVAC, or Building Automation company before? Can you help us figure out what we need?
Whether you are a first time customer or repeat veteran of our services, we can help you plan out every detail of your Controls and Building Automation needs. We work on projects of all sizes from large full scale integrations to simple HVAC installations. Our experience allows us to design custom projects within your budget while delivering results you will not only be proud of, but that give you peace of mind.

If we want to replace our DDC System, do we need to remove all controllers including the front-end graphical UI?
Providing drivers are made available for these legacy controllers, they should not need to be replaced. Drivers are installed into a Level 1 controller and connected to the existing system. Ideally, a planned migration path is implemented to replace controllers as they become obsolete or outdated. We would also recommend creating a new front end with graphical UI as part of the migration phasing.

What are the benefits of using an “open” system like Tridium / Niagara?
Aside from the general efficiency and ease of Tridium, implementing an “open” system gives customers the power to choose who they work with. They are not limited by territory restrictions, proprietary tools, or sole source support. Customers need not fear being bound to any single Controls or Systems Integration provider and instead can shop competitively for whomever they prefer. Customers are strongly recommended, however, to choose only companies with Tridium and Niagara Certified technicians, like Connecticut Controls so that your systems receive the best care.

What can we do to implement an “open” system using Tridium / Niagara?
Tridium certifies qualified systems integrators with a rigorous training program and you should always make sure whoever your hiring has that certification. This provides them with the ability to work from any Tridium system. Field controllers should also have the embedded engineering tool in the controller to allow for web-based programming. If you already have a secure network that’s a great first step, but even if you don’t we can help you every step of the way to achieving the best results for you.

How does integrating our systems benefit us financially?
Proper integration of systems through the expertise of an experienced Controls company always leads to efficiency. That efficiency saves you money by preventing high cost situations and allowing easier maintenance via a one-stop graphical web-based interface. Improved monitoring and control means better energy efficiency measures that save money. Contact us today to discuss all of the benefits to you in detail.

Service Areas Include:

Connecticut, Massachusetts,

and Rhode Island

Contact us today for help with your controls and integration needs.