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Service and support

Retrofitting insures efficiency and saves money while upgrading your system.

New technology and retrofitting features are more energy efficient, using less energy to maintain, which costs less. With today’s increasing energy costs, retrofitting just makes sense. We will design HVAC and lighting systems with technology that promotes energy efficiency, costs less, and supports green initiatives for company’s interests in environmental issues.

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Tridium is the global leader in open platforms with over 350,000 installed systems. Tridium Web Supervisor is an “Open System” platform with a suite of Java™-based products designed to integrate a variety of devices and protocols into a common distributed automation system.

Jace Level I controller

The Level I JACE controllers are furnished as an “open” controller. They are configured to utilize multiple protocols including BACnet, Lonworks, Modbus as well as a number of drivers for third party integration. These controllers can also have the graphics reside within them as well as to provide a link to the Level 2 controllers.

Spyder/FX Level II controller

The Level II freely programmable controllers, whether Honeywell or Johnson, can be configured as either Lonworks or BACnet. Our “open” controllers are embedded with the engineering tool that allows programming from any laptop.

Field sensors, actuators

We use Honeywell, Johnson, Veris, Mamac, Viconics and numerous other industry standard field components. Our extensive experiences with these proven products have served us reliably for many years. These manufacturers provide us with the service and support we require to ensure our customers have the best value for their investment.


We are Honeywell certified VFD providers and with that designation receive additional warranty features we in turn provide to our customers. The reliability and proven track record of Honeywell VFDs has provided us with a product we can offer to our customers as well as servicing them over the years.