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Retrofitting insures efficiency and saves money while upgrading your system.

New technology and retrofitting features are more energy efficient, using less energy to maintain, which costs less. With today’s increasing energy costs, retrofitting just makes sense. We will design HVAC and lighting systems with technology that promotes energy efficiency, costs less, and supports green initiatives for company’s interests in environmental issues.

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If we have a BACnet control system, how can we get support from multi-vendors?

Having a BACnet system does not necessarily mean you have an “Open” system. If your head-end can only be accessed by the installing contractor, there may be restrictions installed within the system that make it proprietary and not “Open”.

Only if the end user has unrestricted access to their system and has the engineering tools necessary to configure the installed controllers can other vendors service the system.

If we want to replace our DDC System, do we need to remove all controllers including the head-end?

Providing drivers are made available for these legacy controllers, they should not need to be replaced. If the controllers fail and software tools are not available then replacement would need to be the option. Drivers are installed into a Level 1 controller and connected to the existing system. There should be a planned migration path to replace controllers as they are either unavailable and if they are they will be at a premium. An “Open” head-end would be installed as part of the migration phasing.

How can I ensure I get multiple vendors for my system for support and competitive pricing and not lock myself into a proprietary system?

There are many vendors claiming to have an “Open” system but in reality it is only those individuals who are “certified” that can access the system from the head-end and that make it a truly “Open” system. Additionally, the system will undoubtedly have proprietary engineering tools unavailable to competitive vendors. Most all vendors have territory restrictions that do not allow others to enter the area and this creates sole-source support.

How can an “Open” Tridium System help me achieve an open system with multi-source support?

Tridium certifies qualified systems integrators with a rigorous training program. This provides them with the ability to work from any Tridium head-end provided the end user has the access credentials. Insisting on field controllers with the embedded engineering tool in the controller and with the ability to be web-based programmed is the best and only approach for an open system.