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Service and support

Retrofitting insures efficiency and saves money while upgrading your system.

New technology and retrofitting features are more energy efficient, using less energy to maintain, which costs less. With today’s increasing energy costs, retrofitting just makes sense. We will design HVAC and lighting systems with technology that promotes energy efficiency, costs less, and supports green initiatives for company’s interests in environmental issues.

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Plan & Spec

Connecticut Controls Corp. strives for excellence in all projects undertaken and will provide superior quality for design installations. Through the years, Connecticut Controls Corp. has formed lasting, unified relationships with contractors by completing the project with dedication to the original plan, on time, at a competitive price point. Coupled with our reputation as a competent company, we offer the industry’s leading hardware and software solutions. Our goal is dedication to quality and making sure that the job is done right the first time. Connecticut Controls values lasting relationships, providing reliable service and professional maintenance support and management.

Connecticut Controls Corp. has been in the Plan & Spec market for over 30 years. We continue to allocate resources to this area which is vital to future growth. We continue to work with consulting engineers in providing them with current product information, technologies and best practice methods of monitoring and control.