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Trailblazing the industry designing, installing and servicing energy management systems.

The key to reducing energy consumption and cost is understanding where energy is being used and why. We carefully analyze buildings and mechanical systems to determine how much energy is being consumed or wasted by various building components, we then work with the customer to determine building schedules, comfort needs, and process demands to determine where energy saving strategies can be applied.

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With our association with Y-wire, Connecticut Controls Corp. is able to utilize the existing electrical infrastructure to communicate with local modules for economical control of the building lighting systems. Lighting control provides a means to monitor and control the lighting in buildings in a cost effective and safe manner, resulting in energy savings for the customer. Proper lighting will create a more efficient and safe work environment, promoting increased employee productivity and decreased workplace injuries. Installing a lighting controls system reduces energy costs, improves systems operations, increases productivity, and decreases work-related injuries.