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Service and support

Retrofitting insures efficiency and saves money while upgrading your system.

New technology and retrofitting features are more energy efficient, using less energy to maintain, which costs less. With today’s increasing energy costs, retrofitting just makes sense. We will design HVAC and lighting systems with technology that promotes energy efficiency, costs less, and supports green initiatives for company’s interests in environmental issues.

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Design Build

With our reputation as a competent and dependable company, Connecticut Controls Corp. aims for success in meeting all expectations in design projects. Whether the need is to retro-commission a system to correct unresolved issues, add-on to a building and/or system, or upgrade an older system, design-build offers collaborative relationships between the owner and our design-team, directly. This approach saves money and, ultimately, time. Design-build offers the opportunity to meet the needs of each unique project, not the minimum design requirements, resulting in a superior quality system. Connecticut Controls Corp. will work with deadlines and timelines while committing to creating an environment that meets the needs of your company. These collaborative projects ensure that work is completed on-time with fewer issues.

Benefits of Design-Build

Our experience provides us with a bank of knowledge that we bring to contractors, consulting engineers and end users. We provide full turn-key solutions to any type or size building project including HVAC control, lighting, metering, energy conservation or access control.